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Movie Characters
My Own Art
Just a pretty portrait really.  
Okay so I'm lazy and didn't make a sequel page!
A chalk picture of Jasmine.
A face study really..  or a bored night shift..  
another face study.
The title explains well enough.
This is a pic of Aladdin as a child.  Awww, isn't he cute?!
I had found this pic online and changed it around so our lovers were in the shadows.
This was just such a disgusting pic, I just had to reproduce it!
Guest Art
A cute picture of Iago getting upset.
A great pic of Cassim holding the dagger.
A well done picture of Aladdin's father.
That look just cries mischief!
Aladdin and Jasmine cuddling and a nice song too!
Genie's muggung for the camera again!
Pretty picture of Jasmine's holiday outfit!
He's uptight again!
Genie's having a lazy day.
a cute picture of Agrabah's ruler!
A picture from A Whole New World.
Jasmine sitting at the fountain.