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Mozenrath Gallery
My Own Art
Anime Mozenrath and Aladdin.
A chalk of the ruler off the black sands.
Moze is holding magic in his gloved hand.
Moze and Al fighting it out New!
An injoke about one of my fellow students who looked like Mozenrath.
a pretty pic of Moze's glove New!
Eventially I'll have a T-shirt with this on it!
A close up of Mo's pretty face!
Spoiled much?
It's gonna be a pillow somedy!
the first of the Major Arcana New!
Moze is making magic in the citadel.
the origional to ColorMoze.
just a thought after watching New Groove New!
A fanfic character accidentally made by Moze.
Guest Art
Moze is contemplating the gauntlet's curse.
He is not amused!
Could this mean another plan against Aladdin?