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Out of Odiferous
a costume idea for pride week.
A D&D character who's breeding is orc and elf  don't worry, it's by magic.
Duhni's full outfit and blades.
An illustration of an entity one of my friends sees.
A pretty little Tigress Quokie.   Grrrrrr!  
A basic picture of Belle.
A friend's idea for Egyptian myths Goth/Disney style.  It's Goth Jafar!
From Road to Eldorado.
My Lion Quokie. I'm trying to make a good story for her, but I'm not a writer so this may never happen.
The pre evolved Duhni.  Zippy's dice weren't too nice to her.

The concept drawing for a stylized straight jacket I made.
The finished straight jacket.
Several of the costumes I've made for Halloween.