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My Projects
This is a wall hanging I did in pottery
Another pottery project.. it was eventually painted gold.
Mysty's cute little boy as Xerxes! New!
A tedious project for halloween!
The Princess' green outfit.
Paper mache Jafar was almost my own hight!
The white and gold outfit.
A pair of shorts I painted on.  You can see the front and the back here.
The Mozenrath costume.
one pixel equals one square of the carpet pattern I'm using to make the project listed below.
This project isn't done yet, but I hope even though the picture's a bit fuzzy, you can get the general idea of what it will look like!
Mozenrath Desktop Theme
1. Download the theme package by clicking on the picture.

2. Use Winzip to install/unzip the components. The winzip program will automatically put all the components in the correct folder.

3. Winzip should then automatically open the theme choosing program. If this does not occur, the program can be found in the windows control panel.

4. Choose the MoDesktop theme and click apply. (You may also preview the components of this theme before applying by clicking on the buttons in the upper right corner.)

I hope that's clear enough to follow... sometimes the directions to this tech stuff get written up way too confusing! **rubs the Yak of Luck**