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Welcome back loyal friends!
I've done a small update!  There are new pictures scattered about the Cottage. Prov the yak will point out the new pictures as you browse thru the different galleries. I've also added another section!  It's called Out of Odiferous and it's art stuff that's not based on Aladdin.  Look around and to enjoy the Cheesiness!  

Let me show you around the new place!

is the place to go to see fan art of all the characters from Aladdin!
is just getting started with all your favorite  Aladdin Characters in costume and maybe you'll see a few others dress as their favorite Al pals!
is where you'll find photos of many of my crafts and costumes!
showcases a mishmash of my non Aladdin based work.

 I do not claim to own any characters contained within any Disney movie or TV show.  All original characters drawn by myself or guest artists are owned by their creators.